Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Writing has always been my Rage Against the World, not to be mistaken for gangsta rap music.

Days like today I want to vent; I want to ripe the throat out of a chicken and spit it at some jerk I've encountered. I want to send all the spam back to the spammers and to each other. I want the Viagra sellers to deal with the bra sellers and mortgage lenders. Take that!

But writing today is taking a deep breath and thinking about incorporating those emotions into a story. Thinking about using the negatives of the nitwits in an antagonist character. Thinking about how my hero can get even and make my readers cheer.

My favorite story scene is when Mr. Spock goes back in time and rides a bus with an Alpha Hotel playing a boom box. The Vulcan sleep touch left the other bus riders cheering. Boy, I wish sometimes I could do that.

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  1. I applaud your thoughts, James. You have found a good way to channel the negative to something far more positive. I hadn't ever thought of using those flaws which drive us nuts in other people for my villain! Thank you for the idea. Happy writing!