Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding my old journal

As I ponder To Blog, or not To Blog, I found an old journal I kept while stationed on the USS Carl Vinson- a nuclear aircraft carrier where I practiced medicine.

Pop Quiz: What was there before Windows? Answer: Frameworks. This was the precursor to windows and I used it to keep a daily journal of my sea duty. Fortunately I printed it out, because the original data can't be retrieved from the black hole of programing obscurity.

Looking back, the journal was written for one reader- me. More a diary that a record, I explored the boredom, fear, astonishment and insanity of life aboard a carrier. I didn't consider myself a writer then, but now can see the progression of my ability to express emotions on paper.

I spent time in Somalia and Djibouti that I wrote about. The boondoggle I write about in Kelly's Reef is based on that journal.

Maybe this blog will be about this adventure, That's enough.

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  1. What a gift you gave yourself in keeping those journals. Its so great that you were able to write of your emotions at that time.

    Your novel gets more interesting to me each time I hear the truth behind the story.

    Diane Lemery McDonaldl